LabConnect Uses Custom Approach to Enhance Clinical Data Mining

LabConnect Uses Custom Approach to Enhance Clinical Data Mining

SEATTLE--()--LabConnect, LLC., a leading provider of central laboratory services to the biopharmaceutical industry, announces the release of its BioVisualization software platform.

LabConnect's BioVisualization is a proprietary and customizable software platform that queries clinical sample database(s) in real time to analyze and provide visual interpretations of a project's data. This unique platform is designed to quickly generate customizable figures, which can be downloaded and shared among colleagues and incorporated into reporting documents.

"Large, complex datasets generated throughout the course of a clinical trial make finding underlying trends challenging," said Eric Hayashi, president and CEO. "LabConnect's BioVisualization tool makes it possible to visualize this data and find greater meaning using fewer resources. This inventive platform creates an opportunity to make critical decisions a lot sooner."

LabConnect's white paper, "BioVisualization: Custom Approaches to Enhance Clinical Data Mining," provides an overview of visual data analysis tools, their benefits and how this technology is being implemented by pharmaceutical companies of all sizes to make critical decisions faster and with lower costs. This informative white paper is now available for download.

"The scale of datasets has become overwhelming, making analysis of this information tedious and resource-draining," said Hermioni Zouridis, senior scientist of scientific operations at LabConnect. "Unlike pre-programmed platforms, versatile visual data analytics tools enable researchers to generate customizable figures, helping identify trends in study results faster and ultimately making it possible to bring drugs to market sooner."

About LabConnect

Founded in 2002, LabConnect provides global central laboratory services including routine and specialized laboratory testing, kit building, sample management, data management, biostorage and scientific support services for biopharmaceutical and CRO clients. LabConnect's unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, world-class laboratories, easy access to emerging markets and extensive specialized testing expertise means the drug development industry can rely on one provider for all of their central laboratory service needs. Learn more at or connect with LabConnect on LinkedIn.


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