Lab7 Systems Launches to Host a Major Expansion of BioBuilds, a Curated and Versioned Repository for Open Source Bioinformatics Tools

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lab7 Systems, Inc., the developer of the Enterprise Sequencing Platform for the management of next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) data and workflows, has announced BioBuilds 2014.11, a major expansion of the BioBuilds library, and the launch of, the home of the BioBuilds project. BioBuilds is a curated and versioned reference collection of Open Source bioinformatics tools for genomics, pre-built for Linux on both POWER and x86 platforms, as well as for Mac OS X. BioBuilds eliminates the need for users to maintain and build their own versions of these tools and provides a single source of provenance to streamline regulatory compliance. By providing supporting libraries, BioBuilds allows users to easily reproduce results by removing version dependencies on underlying software, since tools in BioBuilds are pre-built for those libraries. In addition to several new tools added to BioBuilds, the toolset released on today represents the incorporation of the first collection of tools optimized for IBM's Power Systems platform, enabling scientists to operate IBM hardware with existing widely-used informatics binaries.

"With the recent release of POWER8, we're able to provide NGS labs with an extremely capable platform to manage their genomic data workflows," said Dave Turek, Vice President of Technical Computing OpenPOWER, IBM. "Including POWER-optimized binaries on will further enable these labs to quickly deploy the most popular tools rapidly to tackle their huge bioinformatics bottleneck. We look forward to working with Lab7 to optimize and release even more POWER-optimized binaries in the future, making a one-stop repository for all Open Source informatics tools."

"Our goal with BioBuilds has always been to provide the NGS community with a collection of the most popular informatics tools in a versioned and curated repository that can be easily referenced and deployed in any compute environment," added Chris Mueller, Ph.D., President and CTO of Lab7 Systems. "BioBuilds 2014.11 and the launch of bring a lot more functionality and accessibility to the community, and the addition of POWER-optimized tools makes our goal of easy deployment much more feasible."

The BioBuilds collection will be available for free download at Options are available for multiple Linux-based operating systems, on both POWER and x86 platforms, as well as for Mac OS X. The BioBuilds collection will be updated at least twice a year with additional releases if tools are needed more rapidly. Lab7 Systems offers paid annual support solutions for the collection should users desire more help. BioBuilds will be funded through support of commercial and academic sponsors. Sponsorship details can be found at

About Lab7 Systems, Inc.:

Lab7 Systems is a software developer that has a vision to reduce the level of hands-on data management by bioinformaticians, scientists, and IT teams who are struggling with next generation sequencing data. Lab7 understands there is a critical need to develop a tool that will integrate today's disparate and often disjointed scientific software toolkit, and thereby free up the valuable human resources who are currently tasked with doing this. For more information, visit

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