Lab tool aids cross-discipline efforts

Improved researcher collaboration across the enterprise and across scientific disciplines are objectives of Symyx (Nasdaq: SMMX) Notebook 6.3, an upgrade of the electronic lab notebook. Earlier versions addressed biology, analytical and synthetic chemistry. Version 6.3 adds parallel chemistry support for synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

"Support for parallel synthesis enables medicinal chemists focused on small molecule library synthesis to design, execute, and record the results of a library synthesis in Symyx Notebook and collaborate with colleagues," says Todd Clement,  product manager, in email correspondence.

Collaboration across the enterprise is improved as these chemists work with analytical chemists and biologists. "Direct access to how a compound was synthesized is invaluable for both of these groups of scientists" says Clement.

Collaboration is also aided with QuickData, which speeds information capture via enhanced procedure editing and standard phrase lists. Version 6.3 includes support for in-depth chemical representation. Also supported is expansion of exact and substructure searching, which permits the retrieval of fractional salts and hydrates.

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