Knome Joins the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

Knome Joins the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – September 23, 2014 – Knome announced today that it has joined the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, an alliance working to accelerate world-wide efforts to responsibly share and analyze large amounts of genomic and clinical data.

Partners in the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health offer important perspectives and expertise and are pooling their intellectual resources to identify and disseminate best practices and establish a common framework of approaches to ethics and technical models to enable responsible data sharing.

"Knome is thrilled to bring our expertise in genomic sequencing data interpretation for clinical and translational use to the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health," said Wolfgang Daum, president and CEO of Knome. "We look forward to working with the group on the goal of advancing genomic medicine throughout the world."

Stated David Altshuler, chair of the Global Alliance Steering Committee, "As an Alliance which formed just one year ago, we are excited to continue to add diverse and notable stakeholders like Knome to our effort, which is now over 200 partners strong."

About Knome
Knome, Inc. is a leading provider of human genome interpretation systems and services. Knome provides tools and solutions that help researchers, drug developers, and clinicians determine the genetic basis of human disease and drug response. Designed to accelerate and industrialize the process of interpreting whole genomes, Knome's big data technologies are helping to smooth the healthcare industry's transition to molecular-based, precision medicine.

About The Global Alliance for Genomics & Health
The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health is an international, non-profit alliance formed to help accelerate the potential of genomic medicine to advance human health. Bringing together leading, global organisations working in healthcare, research, disease and patient advocacy, life science, and information technology, partners in the Global Alliance are working together to create a common framework of standards and harmonized approaches to enable the responsible, voluntary, and secure sharing of genomic and clinical data. Learn more at:

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