Impact Corelab sprouts with clinical tech from Radiant Sage

As clinical imaging moves to the cloud, Impact Corelab has formed to offer drug developers imaging corelab services for cancer and neurology trials. The group arrives on the scene with technology from Belmont, MA-based clinical trials software firm Radiant Sage and medical expertise from Radiological Associates of Sacramento (RAS), both of which are partners in the new firm.

Radiant Sage is providing Impact Corelab with its cloud-based technology, which is designed to provide efficient management of clinical images without users having to invest heavily in computing infrastructure. The new firm is tapping 93-year-old RAS to gain access to clinicians with loads of experience in providing clinical radiology and imaging services.

Impact Corelab is based in Sacramento, close to the clinicians at RAS, which has been involved in more than 120 clinical trials over the past decade, according to a release.

"With our cloud computing solution, clinical trial sponsors will experience rapid trial starts, greater control, easy collaboration with readers and scientists around the globe, as well as seamless integration of images into the overall trial data," said Mallik Penamatsa, Radient Sage's chief operating officer and a board member at Impact Corelab.

- here's the release

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