Imaging studies target cardiac disease, cancer

Device maker Medtronic has announced the first enrollments in a magnetic resonance imaging substudy within the global Panorama registry, collecting implanted cardiac rhythm device data from around the world.

The Panorama registry is collecting long-term product performance data of Medtronic cardiac rhythm disease management devices implanted outside the United States (the EnRhythm MRI and some other systems are currently unavailable in the U.S.). The MRI substudy will involve some 1,500 patients and will collect MRI-related epidemiological data on patients who have received a Medtronic pacing system for use with MRI machines, according to a company announcement.

Separately, Imaging Diagnostic Systems announced the start of a breast cancer imaging study in Berlin. The study will examine the company's model 1020 CTLM laser breast imaging system as an enhanced breast cancer screening tool when used in combination with fluorescent dye Indocyanine green. The CTLM will be modified to acquire both absorption and fluorescence images. Following injection of dye into a patient, the scanner produces 3D images of the localized concentrations, potentially highlighting malignant tissue.

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