GSK sites compete in subject recruitment

In its effort to crack one of the tougher clinical trial nuts, GlaxoSmithKline has doubled the efficiency of its subject-recruitment efforts. The pharma giant says it averages about 400 subjects at 60 sites, usually in fewer than 10 countries. Larger trials, of course, reach into the thousands of subjects, reports Information Week.

The software behind the recruitment efficiency boost is StudyOptimizer from DecisionView. GSK began using the Internet-based software a year ago to track trials in their subject recruiting and screening efforts relative to both study targets and other sites.

The tracking has led to a competition of sorts among sites, GSK says in the article. And the drug giant claims a "significant improvement in [recruiting at] unproductive sites," thanks to the "transparency and engagement" of the software, according to the article.

DecisionView launched version 4 of StudyOptimizer, its flagship product, last month. The upgrade includes enhanced historical enrollment patterns and metrics, current enrollment performance compared with plans, and forecasted trial end dates based on performance to date, according to a company announcement.

- read the article
- here's the version 4 release announcement

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