Golden Helix Launches Free Genome Browser, Expands Reach into Sequencing Market

Golden Helix Launches Free Genome Browser, Expands Reach into Sequencing Market

BOZEMAN, Mont.--Today Golden Helix announced the availability of GenomeBrowse™, a revolutionary new genomic visualization and annotation platform for DNA and RNA sequence data.

With the release of GenomeBrowse, Golden Helix expands its product suite to attract fundamental research investigators as well as translational scientists, both of whom use a number of analytical tools in the course of their work and need to visualize their results to gain key insights.

"Our products have historically been focused on scientists engaged in genetic association and variant discovery," stated Christophe Lambert, CEO of Golden Helix. "GenomeBrowse expands Golden Helix's solutions to virtually any application involving sequencing."

"While there is a multitude of genome browsers, we saw the need for an easy-to-use visualization tool that enables researchers to view large sequence files alongside public annotation databases in a fluid and intuitive way," stated Gabe Rudy, vice president of product development. "GenomeBrowse makes large-scale, sequencing data approachable. The difference in experience is like comparing a map based on satellite imaging and live 3D rendering which you can smoothly scroll, pan, and zoom, against older static web 1.0 map programs with their click-and-wait interfaces."

GenomeBrowse comes with a comprehensive, cloud-based repository of public annotations including dbSNP, 1000 Genomes, NHLBI 6500 Exomes, UCSC Known Genes, Ensembl, the OMIM catalog, and many more. All cloud-based annotation tracks for GenomeBrowse have optimized, on-demand streaming so researchers don't have to download them to start viewing data.

Continued Rudy, "Several years of effort have been invested in GenomeBrowse, and we are excited to offer it as a free tool available to anybody – especially those who have spent one hour too many trying to look at data with the tools currently out there."

GenomeBrowse will be available on Golden Helix's website for free beginning on September 12th. A webinar is scheduled to coincide with the launch at noon EDT on that day.

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