Researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health have led the development of software to identify sequence-structure binding motifs on aptamers.

The Garvan Institute has founded a whole genome sequencing subsidiary, given it access to an Illumina HiSeq X Ten and tapped DNAnexus for its cloud platform.

The National Cancer Institute has joined with three top European research institutions to create a globally accessible repository of 1,000 cancer cell models.

Roche is set to lay off 350 IT employees in the U.S., Switzerland and other European countries while stepping up hiring in less expensive locations.

A transatlantic team of researchers has created a bioinformatic pipeline to infer the progression of cancer from genome data.

Forentis Fund has committed $7.5 million to Blueprint Bio, a firm focused on identifying, validating and marketing biomarkers.

France is to invest approximately $745 million to build a network of sequencing and analysis centers capable of processing 235,000 genomes a year by 2020.

IBM is installing computing and storage infrastructure in Calgary as part of a 5-year pediatric genetic research collaboration.