SoftBank is teaming up with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund to invest up to $100 billion in tech companies over the next five years.

PierianDx has bought Tute Genomics to gain the genomics platform it built up over its four years of operation and through the takeover of Knome.

Tute Genomics has suspended its direct-to-consumer DNA sequencing crowdfunding campaign after receiving a letter from FDA.

AstraZeneca has named David Goldstein as chief adviser to its move to build and make use of a database of 2 million whole genomes.

Illumina has agreed to comarket Dovetail Genomics’ genome assembly service, an offering that leverages short-read sequencers to deliver long-range information.

Tute Genomics is crowdfunding a DNA sequencing scheme. The campaign is aiming to raise $100,000 by offering whole genome sequencing for between $999 and $1,499.

A consortium of cancer centers has contracted HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology to sequence 20,000 samples by 2019.

IDbyDNA has raised $9 million to develop its metagenomics analysis software and introduce clinical tests for infectious diseases.