PierianDx has bought Tute Genomics to gain the genomics platform it built up over its four years of operation and through the takeover of Knome.

Zymergen has raised $130 million to advance its machine learning-enabled microbe design business.

Tute Genomics has suspended its direct-to-consumer DNA sequencing crowdfunding campaign after receiving a letter from FDA.

AstraZeneca has named David Goldstein as chief adviser to its move to build and make use of a database of 2 million whole genomes.

Illumina has agreed to comarket Dovetail Genomics’ genome assembly service, an offering that leverages short-read sequencers to deliver long-range information.

Tute Genomics is crowdfunding a DNA sequencing scheme. The campaign is aiming to raise $100,000 by offering whole genome sequencing for between $999 and $1,499.

A consortium of cancer centers has contracted HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology to sequence 20,000 samples by 2019.

IDbyDNA has raised $9 million to develop its metagenomics analysis software and introduce clinical tests for infectious diseases.

Personal microbiome sequencing pioneer uBiome has lured ex-Genentech scientist Audrey Goddard away from Genomic Health to oversee its R&D activities.