Genome browsing in the mansion; EHR goes two ways;

> In perhaps the ultimate journey of self-discovery, the global rich are finding $70,000 a reasonable sum for a digital version of their sequenced and decoded genome, ready to be browsed on a home computer. Article

> Health Level Seven is an ANSI-approved standard for using electronic health record information in clinical research. Report

> Version 13 of the SYSTAT statistical software package adds such statistical methods as ARCH and GARCH models for time series analyses as well as optional Cytel Exact Tests functionality. Announcement

> The National Cancer Institute is looking for a contractor to develop common data standards in the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid. The goal is to make it easier for NCI and its researchers to link and share information. Report

>The use of targeted sequencing of the entire protein-coding portion of the human genome has yielded the cause of a rare genetic disorder. Article