Gene analyses run on BI platform

Advanced pattern detection, treatment comparison, and functional analysis of genomic expression data are among the objectives of Biomarker Discovery 2.0 software from Integromics for the TIBCO Spotfire business intelligence platform. Improved methods of data access and normalization are additional objectives.

The solution answers the genetics research need of measuring the activity of thousands of genes in many different treatments or conditions and combining that information with other data to help scientists understand the biology of disease treatment. The genomic data analysis environment, which includes interactive analysis and visualization capabilities, helps researchers find and categorize patterns and relationships in genomics data. Researchers can then examine the expression and annotation dimensions of their data and perform numerical analyses, using one application.

Version 2.0 software includes analytic and workflow extensions to Spotfire's visualization capabilities, according to the companies. The Spotfire platform can also be used for data analysis to pursue hypotheses and research strategies, the companies say.

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