Finding the world's smartest biotech techies

I'm calling on the readers of FierceBiotech IT to help me identify the world's best biotech techies.

As you read here every week, biotech stakeholders have digitized their work in ways that might have been unimaginable decades ago. From basic research to commercialization, computerizing operations and key data have become essential to getting desired results. The upshot: Biopharma has transformed into an information-driven industry at nearly every step of the game, and those who ignore this transformation do so at their peril.

Who are the people pioneering this revolution? Call them the biotech techies. They are the tech-savvy scientists who are inventing computer-driven methods of biological research; the visionaries building cloud infrastructures for clinical trials data; the masterminds behind new algorithms for mining mountains of genotypic and phenotypic data for valuable insights; the innovators applying tools from other industries such as open source, crowdsourcing and gaming in the biotech field; and those advancing next-generation analytics to overcome the hurdles of deciphering the complex biology of disease and to aid in the discovery of new drugs and diagnostics.   

I'm rounding up info on the world's best and the brightest biotech techies to share with readers of FierceBiotech IT and our sister publications such as FierceBiotech and FiercePharma. There will be 10 to 15 people selected for the feature.

Nominations are due by March 5. You can submit nominees by filling out my online survey. Look for the feature during the week of March 26 or sooner. - Ryan McBride (Email | Twitter)