Eureka Genomics to offer Next-Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics Services for the Ion Torrent Proton(TM) System from Life Technologies

HERCULES, Calif., Aug 12, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- "We have been providing next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics services to research centers, and universities all around the world since 2009. It is exciting to expand our offering to include the Ion Torrent benchtop sequencing platform. While the initial services will focus on library preparation and sequence data generation we intend to further expand services to also include target enrichment (exome and gene panels, etc.) and complete data analysis. Researchers will be able to drop off or send in their DNA, choose from sequencing a single gene to the entire exome, and receive annotated relevant results back from us," says Heather Koshinsky, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer for Eureka Genomics.

"Eureka Genomics wants to empower its customers with all the tools needed to conceptualize, perform, and interpret data from the innovative studies in human microbiome, biofuels, animal health industrial enzymes, microbial genomics, bioremediation, crop protection, comparative population biology, microbial oil recovery, disease-associated pathogen discovery, cancer research and inherited disorders research and others. EG excels at projects for rare variant detection, discovering microbial associations with diseases, and custom library creation that allow next generation sequencing platforms to be used to create data for low-density next generation genotyping (NGG). Many of the custom NGG services are now on product development paths that are anticipated to return revenue to the initial researchers," added Koshinsky.

"Having the Ion Proton System as part of the service offering at EG demonstrates EG's flexibility in multiple sequencing applications," said Maneesh Jain, Vice President, Marketing of Ion Torrent. "The high-caliber offering from EG brings next-generation sequencing to scientists that are looking for fast turn-around, cost-effective, and high-quality sequence information."

Eureka Genomics (EG) develops Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based assays and diagnostics. The EG technology platform uses proprietary software, algorithms and database to build bioinformatics applications and services, focusing NGS assay design and translating data into useful, comprehensive and powerful analysis of NGS data. As a leader in advanced bioinformatics analysis of NGS data, EG leverages this expertise building the backbone of their novel next-gen genotyping (NGG). The NGG for clinical, animal and crop applications enable highly efficient, targeted sequencing and flexible exploration of relevant genetic markers (SNPs, CNV, gene expression, methylation) in a massively parallel, platform agnostic technology. In addition, the company is currently developing molecular diagnostics for the identification of colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and pre-term birth and exploring other opportunities for diagnostic development.

SOURCE: Eureka Genomics Corp.