ERT Announces Acquisition of eClinical Insights

ERT Announces Acquisition of eClinical Insights

PHILADELPHIA – November 6, 2014 –– ERT, a leading global solution provider for high-quality patient safety and efficacy endpoint data collection, today announced the acquisition of eClinical Insights (eCI), an innovative provider of cloud-based clinical trials management software.

"ERT and eClinical Insights share a common vision of changing the paradigm of clinical research technology," states Jim Corrigan, President and CEO of ERT. "For over 40 years, ERT's combined platforms have been used by global pharmaceutical companies to improve clinical trial study design, data analysis and trial execution. We are excited to extend our proven eClinical offering through the introduction of eCI's innovative cloud based software platform, which enables our customers to integrate data from multiple systems, get full visibility across the key aspects of their trials, and benefit from real-time decision making.

ERT and eCI's shared goal is to empower clinical trial sponsors and CROs with real-time insight into performance, risk, and outcomes trending, enabling them to achieve their common goals of decreasing clinical trial cost while increasing the quality of their outcomes.

This acquisition further strengthens ERT's position as a leader in the clinical research ecosystem, offering a proven solution that simplifies data collection, analytics, visibility and exchange in a complex global environment. On average, clinical trial sponsors utilize between 5-7 systems for data collection from disparate vendors. By extending ERT's proven EXPERT platform with eCI's product suite, trial sponsors and CROs will benefit from the rapid deployment of a data integration layer that enables real-time data exchange between systems. The end result is comprehensive insight into investigative site and outcomes data activity across all spectrums, true risk-based management, enhanced performance measurement, and informed real-time decision-making through a single interface.

"By joining ERT's leading technical and clinical experts, eCI will be able to fulfill its mission of helping research organizations leverage the power of trial data to optimize their business processes," said Peg Regan, Founder and CEO of eClinical Insights. "We recognize that technology alone cannot solve the complex challenges of clinical research. The combined experience of ERT and eCI ensures our customers are not simply buying technology, but are gaining a partner with the domain expertise needed to help them succeed."

About ERT

ERT ( is a leading provider of high-quality patient safety and efficacy endpoint data collection solutions for use in clinical drug development. ERT delivers a combination of technology, services, and consulting that increase the accuracy and reliability of patient data and improve the efficiency of the clinical development process throughout the product lifecycle. ERT delivers the most widely deployed solutions in centralized cardiac safety, respiratory services, suicide risk assessment and Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) – which includes patient, clinician, and observer reported outcomes. By efficiently integrating these solutions through a system built upon a scientific and regulatory foundation, ERT collects, analyzes, and delivers safety and efficacy data critical to the approval, labeling, and reimbursement of pharmaceutical products. ERT is a global organization with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA and offices throughout the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Germany.

About eClinical Insights

eClinical Insights® ( is a leading-edge provider of cloud-based clinical software. The company's mission is to provide clinical research professionals with the strategic visibility to make rapid, data-driven decisions to positively impact the performance and cost of their clinical trials. The company's technology platform is the first of its kind in the industry, and includes a suite of products (InTrial Metrix, TrialOps Director, Dataflow Manager, EndPoint Reviewer) that deliver unparalleled visibility and control across the disparate systems and diverse teams being used to conduct clinical trials across the globe. eClinical Insights is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

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