EDC upgrade welcomes health records

Nextrials has unveiled version 3.0 of the Prism platform for electronic data capture and clinical trial management. The upgraded software boasts interoperability with electronic health records from multiple vendors, the company says, in addition to a more intuitive user interface.

At the system's opening page, researchers can evaluate project data from multiple studies organized into collapsible modules. An at-a-glance statistics roll-up bar provides access to enrollment status and data quality metrics. Pop-up windows have been reduced in favor of layers within the browser, the company says.

Interoperability with data platforms more traditionally found within the healthcare environment for creating and managing electronic medical records gives researchers options for implementing studies using patients and sites that were previously unavailable.

"Nextrials has been working with organizations such as CDISC and IHE to integrate data capture and management solutions used in clinical trials with those used in hospitals, clinics and practitioner offices," said James Rogers, Nextrials CEO, in an announcement. "The goal is to offer clinical trial sponsors access to a broader range of clinical investigators and potential patients."

Prism 3.0 supports mobile access to data via the Apple iPhone, in the same graphical formats seen on a desktop computer. Product availability is slated for before year's end.

- here's the release (.pdf)