E-clinical providers report business uptick

DATATRAK has turned a $420,000 third-quarter income loss last year into a $53,000 third-quarter gain this year. CEO Laurence Birch calls the results a "direct indicator of the company's re-emergence in the marketplace," reports Outsourcing Pharma.

Meanwhile, new customers fueled growth at Medidata Solutions. Nearly four dozen in the first nine months of 2010 contributed to a 17 percent rise in third-quarter profits over a year ago, the company says. It declares strength also in customer renewals. Results were driven by the company's focus on efficiency in clinical research processes, says CEO Tarek Sherif.

Perceptive Informatics reports growth in both revenues and profit in the latest quarter, its first of fiscal 2011. The growth comes despite project delays and cancellations, including withdrawal of two clients.

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