DIA 2010 product rollouts begin

Get ready to rumble with e-clinical product introductions and updates coming from the annual DIA show in Washington this week. First out of the blocks (at least in this editor's in-box): Almac, Virtify and IntraLinks.

The IXRS 2.0 integrated phone-web patient and drug supply management system from Almac, boasting "smart menus, intuitive task management and informed navigation." Smart menus reduce manual data entry. And the system provides users only valid options, guiding them to correct choices and directing their workflow, Almac says. Via the so-called informed navigation, site and sponsor researchers manage subject data, visit schedules, kit assignments, drug supply strategies, expiration dates, drug holds, recalls, shipment releases, temperature excursions, and supply re-labeling.

Virtify is announcing CTTR Enterprise 2.0 software with XML Rules Injection, for trial registration and results reporting. It's part of the Cambridge-Mass. software maker's Enterprise Content Compliance (ECC) solution.

Enterprise 2.0 automates U.S. disclosure compliance via real-time validation of 5,200 built-in rules derived from www.clinicaltrials.gov, the company says. In addition, the software supports new protocol registration rules and international registries, without custom coding. XML Rules Injection technology aids alignment with new registries on top of a code base without source code modification.

CTRR Enterprise 2.0 will be available to customers in Q3 2010. Support is planned for emerging global registries, including EudraCT in Europe as well as others in Germany, Croatia, Brazil, India and China.

And IntraLinks, targeting electronic document exchange, has enhanced its Safety Document Exchange system for serious adverse event reporting. The SaaS solution adds a layer of security and control to the process of SAE intake and subsequent safety letter distribution. Among the enhancements are rules-based automated workflow and detailed compliance reporting, the company says. The system lets safety teams receive SAE reports from sites, route them for review, and distribute safety letters in a secure, online environment to all parties requiring notification, in an automated and trackable fashion.

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