Dell PowerEdge blade servers and Panasas ActiveStor storage combo; Australian CRO Novotech expands to India;

> An optimized combination of Dell PowerEdge M610 blade servers and high-performance Panasas ActiveStor storage is intended to improve productivity and efficiency for life sciences researchers. Release

> Australian CRO Novotech is expanding its reach to India by partnering with ETI Klinical Pvt Ltd of Bangalore. Joint venture data management services include Oracle Clinical and SAS, and Novotech's Clintrial. ETI provides clinical research services, real-time data acquisition and personalized communication processes. Release

> Applied Biosystems and Geospiza have announced a genetic analysis solution to meet the computational infrastructure and analysis challenges of customers using advanced genomic analysis platforms. Release

> Expressor software and BIReady are collaborating on a business-metadata-driven data warehousing solution that will cut the cost of business intelligence initiatives for small and mid-size businesses. Release

And Finally... The eBay auction for personal genome sequencing has closed with just one bid at the $68,000 minimum set by genetics company Knome. Article