DATATRAK joins Nextrials on iPad platform

Nextrials just got jostled on the Apple iPad platform. DATATRAK has announced compatibility for its eClinical software suite.

The eClinical single-architecture platform encompasses trial randomization, drug inventory management, data collection, medical coding and reporting. An iPad browser and Internet connection can now arm eClinical users with the means for mobile data entry.

"The iPad's mobility and low cost suggest eventual widespread acceptance within the clinical trials industry," says Laurence Birch, DATATRAK chairman, in a press statement.

The news follows last week's announcement of Prism iPad compatibility (pictured). Nextrials, which released Prism 3.0 last fall, says the combo will provide researchers real-time access to adverse event data, patient recruitment status, and supply availability information.

- here's the DATATRAK release
- take a look at the DATATRAK software on the iPad
- see photos of Nextrials' Prisim on the iPad

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