CRO lightens RA publishing load via SharePoint

Clinical research service provider Montrium says it has streamlined the management and routing of clinical trial records for submission using a solution born of the partnership of compliance content software provider Adlib Software and Nintex, a Sharepoint solutions provider. The partnership has joined workflow tools from Nintex with Adlib's PDF for SharePoint automated publishing and rendering engine.

Montrium says also that the software has allowed the CRO to lighten the PDF publishing burden on its regulatory group. The solution is called Adlib PDF for SharePoint and Nintex Workflow. It's among the growing number of drug development tools based on SharePoint, which is fast becoming either the biotech IT holy grail or the subject of a hall-of-fame marketing campaign, as we've reported.  

The partners say the offering allows users to render documents within larger business workflows and deploy them via Nintex Workflow. One example is the automatic conversion and distribution of documents in a secure PDF format after document approval; another is document conversion to PDF/A as part of an archiving process.

- see the Adlib release