CRO launches tech group for data capture solution

Contract researcher Cmed Group has begun marketing its Timaeus data capture and management solution for clinical trials. The UK-based CRO has launched a collaborative arm, Cmed Technology, to sell Timaeus and partner with systems integrators and consultancies for its use.

Timaeus development, at the hands of a CRO, has yielded a "fundamentally different" solution, says Cmed Group CEO David Connelly, in an announcement. It combines distributed computing, virtualization, Internet, appliance and mobile technologies into one platform. Role-based workflow helps investigators manage data end-to-end, without reconciliation. The offering is available in software-as-a-service and enterprise models.

Another recent case of CRO/tech-offshoot collaboration is the Phase III data capture solution launched by Parexel and Perceptive Informatics last month. The Internet-based platform from Perceptive targets Phase IIIb and IV clinical trials, registries, risk management programs and post-approval safety surveillance, as reported. Such data are increasingly sought by regulators. Parexel contributes trial expertise from its Peri Approval Clinical Excellence team

- here's the Timaeus release