Context Matters Introduces Real-World Evidence Into Its Proprietary Reimbursement Risk Tracker(TM)

Context Matters Introduces Real-World Evidence Into Its Proprietary Reimbursement Risk Tracker(TM)
New Offering Integrates Patient Reported Outcomes Into Context Matters' Array of Curated Data

NEW YORK, April 8, 2013 -- Context Matters announces the addition of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) to its proprietary data platform, the Reimbursement Risk Tracker™, which provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers with unprecedented access to information for clinical development, drug reimbursement, regulatory considerations and pricing.

This new capability provides users to assess the impact of PROs on Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) and on reimbursement agency decisions. In addition to the particular outcome parameter that was reported, the new capability reports whether the HTAs are utilizing observational studies in addition to clinical trial data, providing real-world context for the outcomes of drugs. The Reimbursement Risk Tracker enables Context Matters' clients to add real-world evidence to the reimbursement context to better understand reimbursement decisions, including clinical and economic rationales as well as disease prevalence and drug indications.

"This application enables me to assess how a specific PRO parameter in a disease area was utilized by decision makers - not only regulators, but also by the HTA agencies. This is a one-stop-shop to understand the value of PROs in drug development and reimbursement," said Ari Gnanasakthy, Head of Patient Reported Outcomes at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, which collaborated with Context Matters to develop the capability.

"As patient reported outcomes have become an accepted and increasing part of clinical trials and observational studies, an understanding of the context of these outcomes is necessary to comprehend true trends in the industry," said Yin Ho, MD, MBA, founder and CEO of Context Matters. "By adding PROs to our Reimbursement Risk Tracker, our customers now have yet another set of contextual information to make strategic decisions about R&D, clinical trial development, and reimbursement strategy."

The Reimbursement Risk Tracker helps users analyze more than 500 complex variables across more than 100 global sources of data, delivering, directly to users, standard reports, customized analysis, and the ability to identify favorite data variables.   Context Matters offers a scalable and flexible tool that allows users to relate and compare data sets – including data on orphan indications – that may have not been compared previously, all in a user-friendly product.

Context Matters, Inc. is the next generation of healthcare data analytics, focusing on risk assessment metrics for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Its data-driven /evidence-based approach begins with a proprietary software database platform of intelligently culled, curated, and relevant business information and data to answer strategic business questions and provide actionable analysis. Its platform and approach result in more informed decision-making by allowing users to access and understand complex data that has never before been quantified or aggregated through a tailored, needs-based approach.

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