Complete Genomics Announces UK Epilepsy Society's Acquisition of Its Revolocity™ Supersequencer

Complete Genomics Announces UK Epilepsy Society's Acquisition of Its Revolocity™ Supersequencer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Complete Genomics, Inc., a leader in whole human genome sequencing, announced today that leading UK charity Epilepsy Society has become the third customer of the company's newly introduced Revolocity system, a supersequencer for large-scale, high-quality whole genome and whole exome sequencing.

"Genome sequencing holds the promise of improving our understanding of epilepsy," explained Epilepsy Society CEO Angela Geer. "The Revolocity™ system represents a major breakthrough in terms of the quality and quantity of whole genome sequencing information needed to drive clinical research into potential new treatments." The Epilepsy Society will install the system at its Chalfont Centre site.

"As the UK's leading funder and provider of epilepsy research and services, Epilepsy Society is uniquely positioned to advance the use of sequencing technology to improve the lives of people with epilepsy," said Complete Genomics CEO Clifford A. Reid, PhD. "We are proud to support their efforts in this often debilitating disease that affects as many as 50 million people worldwide."

Complete Genomics has been at the forefront of advances in DNA sequencing and computational technologies, sequencing more than 20,000 whole human genomes and driving the adoption of next generation sequencing in clinical research. The company's Revolocity™ system is the only total solution for sample-to-variant sequencing and includes all components necessary to perform DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, data analysis, and reporting. System operations are seamlessly integrated through the Revolocity™ workflow management system.

Complete Genomics, Inc., will conduct a luncheon workshop on October 7, Advances in Genome Sequencing, at the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)in Baltimore, Maryland.

About Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics, a BGI Company,  is a leader in whole human genome sequencing based in Mountain View, California. Using its proprietary sequencing instruments, chemistry, and software, the company has sequenced more than 20,000 whole human genomes. The company's mission is to improve human health by providing researchers and clinicians with the core technology and commercial systems to understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and conditions. Additional information can be found at

About Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological condition and affects more than half a million people in the UK, around one person in every hundred. Epilepsy Society (UK Charity no: 206186) is the working name for the National Society for Epilepsy (NSE), the UK's leading provider of epilepsy services. Its headquarters in Buckinghamshire are a center for medical research into the condition, housing the only MRI scanner in the UK dedicated solely to epilepsy. It also operates a globally unique NHS epilepsy assessment facility, providing individual assessment, rehabilitation training and ground-breaking research opportunities. It also provides residential care to around 100 people with severe epilepsy.

Epilepsy Society runs a confidential helpline and has a comprehensive range of information leaflets on many aspects of living and coping with epilepsy. In addition, the charity runs tailor-made training programs for health professionals, employers and individuals, as well as providing a comprehensive range of training and qualifications for staff members. More information can be found at

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