CollabRx Launches Commercial Service for the Interpretation of Clinical Cancer Sequencing

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CollabRx, Inc. (Nasdaq:CLRX), a data analytics company focused on informing clinical decision making in molecular medicine, today announced the launch of the company's Genetic Variant Annotation™ (GVA™) service. The GVA service is a new product and the company's first offering for the clinical laboratory market. CollabRx will provide the GVA service to the molecular diagnostic segment of the clinical laboratory market which includes reference laboratories, hospital laboratories, research institutions, and laboratories within academic medical centers.

The GVA service provides for a fully automated and scalable medical informatics solution that seamlessly pairs the results of genetic sequencing tests with clinically actionable and dynamically updated knowledge that can be used to inform patient treatment planning. Such knowledge includes the clinical impact of specific genetic profiles and associated therapeutic strategies such as drugs and clinical trials. This content leverages the company's semantic integration platform, a proprietary technology that enables CollabRx scientists and physicians to dynamically update the company's knowledge base with the latest medical and scientific data available in the public domain. This knowledge is further contextualized in collaboration with CollabRx's large and growing network of over 75 leading clinical practitioners in the U.S. and Europe. 

The GVA service will initially be available in oncology to support the clinical interpretation of tests to elucidate tumor mutation profiles generated on any testing platform, including next generation sequencing devices. The range of tumor genetic aberrations interpreted by the GVA service include single base pair substitutions, nucleotide insertions and deletions, frameshifts, gene fusions, large-scale chromosomal rearrangement, and copy number variation. Planned functional extensions of the GVA service that are under development include the interpretation of similar genetic tests for inherited/developmental delay conditions, prenatal screening, as well as neurological and metabolic diseases.

CollabRx will provide the GVA service using a combination subscription-based and Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The standard deployment can be customized to support customer specific technical integration requirements and knowledge management preferences. 

"Life Technologies, Sengenics, and OncoDNA are early adopters of CollabRx technology and content resources which form the basis of the GVA service," said Gavin Gordon, CollabRx Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances. "With this commercial launch, the company is now in a position to provide the GVA service more broadly beyond these initial customers. For example, in addition to reference laboratories CollabRx is also providing the GVA service in collaboration with multiple academic medical institutions, such as the University of Chicago Medical Center, to support clinical sequencing testing and interpretation initiatives."

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