Clouds host trial service, business intelligence apps

On the cloud front last week: Velos unveiled the Velos On-Demand software-as-a-service delivery model for the company's eResearch clinical trial management system services. The offering supports individual studies and departments within research institutions, as well as small research sites and biotech companies, Velos explained in an announcement. All or parts of the eResearch system are available without the need for an up-front capital expenditure.

In typical cloud fashion, software is hosted and safeguarded by Velos and its suppliers. Users pay for service either as consumed or on a subscription basis. The offering is being provisioned through service level agreements as well as individually by study or user.

Separately, Visual i/o announced a cloud-based SaaS business intelligence solution that allows employees throughout an enterprise to simultaneously access, visualize, analyze and collaborate with one another on data. The solution "facilitates an ongoing dialog with data--to visually identify revealing statuses, trends, thresholds, and significance that are buried within large data sets, the company said in an announcement.

- here's the Velos announcement
- read the Visual i/o release

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