Cloud Pharmaceuticals and THERAMetrics Form Strategic Drug Development Collaboration Targeting Orphan CNS Diseases

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA and Stans, Switzerland, September 29, 2015

Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a cloud-based drug design and development company, and THERAMetrics holding AG (SIX: TMX) today announced a strategic collaboration focusing on the design and development of therapeutics for orphan central nervous system (CNS) diseases and other indications. 

The partnership will initially focus on orphan diseases such as Huntington's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). In parallel to these efforts, both companies will pursue sponsored development for additional respiratory indications. 

THERAMetrics will employ its innovative DRR 2.0 technology to identify novel protein targets, which are produced by the genes responsible for certain pathologies. Cloud Pharmaceuticals will apply its Quantum Molecular Design(sm) process to design small molecular compounds and peptides that inhibit the activity of those targets. It is intended that Cloud Pharmaceuticals will manage early drug development efforts of lead compounds and THERAMetrics' contract research organization business unit will manage clinical research. 

"THERAMetrics has extensive research and development experience with orphan diseases," says Raffaele Petrone, CEO and Chairman of the Board of THERAMetrics. "Using the DRR 2.0 technology we have identified individual targets that are suitable for multiple orphan CNS indications, potentially enabling an adaptive trial approach to development. By partnering with Cloud Pharmaceuticals, we believe we'll be able to provide novel and highly specific drug candidates for certain diseases." 

Ed Addison, CEO of Cloud Pharmaceuticals adds, "The cost to develop medicines for orphan diseases by traditional methods is too costly – that's why there's a lack of effective therapies for many conditions. Our approach is particularly suited to the development of therapeutics for orphan diseases because we design drug candidates that are better suited for development from the outset. Pre-clinical development steps can then be applied to a much more qualified list of candidates, enabling faster progress at lower cost and a higher success rate, even with elusive targets." 

About Therametrics holding AG
Therametrics holding AG is a global tech-based Contract Research & Development Organisation dedicated to providing a full range of technological solutions through the entire value chain of drug discovery and development. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol TMX and is headquartered in Stans, Switzerland.

About Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Cloud Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving health and well-being through the computational design and rapid development of new medicines. Our Quantum Molecular Design process designs drug candidates that are qualified for development from the outset, enabling faster progress at lower cost and a higher success rate. The company partners at all stages of drug development – from discovery through the clinic – and is building an extensive product pipeline that spans a wide range of indications. For information visit

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