Clinic supply tool ready

Phase Forward continues its clinical trial software announcement blitz with two in the last week: an enhanced trial supply management system and a free tool to catch metadata errors.

The company's interactive response technology solution, IRT 5.0, is a result of last year's acquisition of Clarix. The system helps managers control clinical supply management to ensure supply availability at randomization.

The upgrade also boasts an integrated drug forecasting module for global trial supply management and--in keeping with the unofficial mandate for software upgrade announcements everywhere--an enhanced user interface. In the case of IRT 5.0, the interface enhancements include dashboard views that provide visual status alerts and filtering capabilities to guide users intuitively through tasks. The release also provides multilingual capabilities, including Japanese.

The drug forecasting module links to trial data on demand, allowing managers to compare assumptions and forecasts with actual trial data, update supply demand assumptions and modify manufacturing schedules. A smart system intelligence feature helps managers respond to sudden increases in subjects. On the basis of user-defined variables, the system generates supply orders or notifies the supply manager of a potential stock-out. 

The free DefineValidator 1.0 release targets CDISC adopters. The tool was adapted from the WebSDM product, developed with the FDA to validate and review submission data in CDISC Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) format. 

- see the IRT 5.0 announcement
- click here for the free DefineValidator download