CECAD Cologne and Bluebee collaborate to expand access

CECAD Cologne and Bluebee collaborate to expand access

Bluebee and the Bioinformatics Core Facility at the CECAD Research Center of the University of Cologne are collaborating to implement QuickNGS on Bluebee's high-performance cloud platform for genomic analysis. 

In a society where people are living longer, the Cologne Cluster of Excellence (CECAD) at the University of Cologne explores aging-associated disorders and their causes. More than 400 dedicated scientists from a highly dynamic and international research network that aims to unravel the molecular mechanisms of aging. CECADs ultimate goal is to define new therapeutic approaches for the entire spectrum of aging-associated diseases.

The Bioinformatics Core Facility at the CECAD Research Center introduced a framework named QuickNGS. This framework substantially decreases time and effort put into the analysis of NGS data. QuickNGS, therefore contributes to the further evolution of transforming NGS into a standard tool that is highly accessible to researchers.

Besides making QuickNGS available to the research community for in-house deployment, the CECAD team now partners with Bluebee to further expand the reach of QuickNGS by making it available on Bluebee's highly secured cloud platform.

"The collaboration with Bluebee fits with our ambition to reduce the hurdles that still limit the usability of the powerful NGS technology.  By making our pipelines and interpretation tools available to the users of the Bluebee platform, we considerably lower the barrier for access to our application", explains Peter Frommolt, Head of CECAD's Bioinformatics Facility.

"Offering plug-and-play access to pipelines, extensively tested and validated by reputable institutions, is an essential part of the service Bluebee is offering to it's customers", comments Marc Hogenbirk, Head of Product Management at Bluebee.  "Customers can use these pipelines on the fly. If needed however, pipeline reconfiguration is also possible. Our aim is to maximise the convenience for our platform users in the set-up and management of their pipelines."


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