CD Genomics Introduced the Newest HiSeq X Ten System for Its Human Whole Genome Sequencing Service

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CD Genomics Introduced the Newest HiSeq X Ten System for Its Human Whole Genome Sequencing Service

Shirley, New York   August 31, 2015

(PRLEAP.COM) August 31, 2015 - The constant-upgrading platform of genome sequencing is to meet the demand of the development of all kinds of Human genome research. For providing the best service to its costumers, CD Genomics recently introduced the HiSeq X Ten System for its human whole genome sequencing service.

This platform is from Illumina, and it is the most powerful platform ever created for it breaks the $1000 barrier and leads to a revolution of whole human genome sequencing. This high-throughput platform is fast and accurate, with the characteristic of high operational efficiency. "Sequencing based on this platform is cost-effective and has made human whole genome sequencing more affordable." one of professors from CD Genomics said, " We devote ourselves to providing the best and dependable service for our customers as usual."

Whole genome sequencing is the sequencing which towards to all the base pairs of human beings. This service is provided for people who need help in their research and it can be used to analyze different information between individual and find the relationship between genes and all kinds of diseases.

Of course, the advanced technology is just a part of CD Genomics's service. They said they also provide services like professional data analysis and report, annotations and data mapping and other service. "We try to make this complicated work more clear to our costumers, and we will do anything we can." The professor said, "Our regulars are waiting for our big moves, we can't let them down. We will continually upgrade our technology and improve the quality of our service."

About Human Whole Genome Sequencing of CD Genomics
CD Genomics's human genome sequencing service is geared to the needs of researchers all around the world. Human genome sequencing of CD Genomics contains high coverage whole genome sequencing (30X) and deep coverage whole genome sequencing(60X) based on the effective HiSeq X Ten System of illumina. CD Genomics is a biotechnology company with research strength and completely has the ability to provide reliable data analysis to costumers. Contact Information
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