Case Western spinoff wins NIH grant for software

Biomarker upstart NeoProteomics has grabbed a $300,000 grant from the NIH to fund development of its bioinformatics software. The software, licensed from Case Western Reserve University, is designed to aid life sciences researchers in discovering and developing biomarkers for diseases, according to a report in MedCity News.

Case Western has granted the start-up a 20-year license for the software, taking a 15% stake in the company in lieu of fees, MedCity reports. The university also gets royalties on sales of the software.

"We are just beginning to discover how important software is to the detection and cure of human disease," Mark Chance, NeoProteomics' co-founder and chief scientist, said, as quoted by MedCity News. Chance is also director of Case Western's Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics.

NeoProteomics, founded in 2006, already distributes tools such as its ProtMapsMS software--which the firm says is for automating mass spectrometry workflows to speed up structural biology research--to drug companies and research institutes. That software and another called ProtModMS help with automated structural analyses of biologic drugs, according to the company.

- see the report from MedCity News