Cantab Connect Abuse Liability product exceeds $1.5m sales in first 9 months

Cantab Connect Abuse Liability product exceeds $1.5m sales in first 9 months

Posted on 14 April 2015

Cambridge Cognition today announce that sales of Cantab Connect CTIS-Abuse Liability have exceeded $1.5m in its first 9 months from launch.

CTIS-AL is the first in the Cantab Connect cloud-based product range and is designed for the clinical assessment of a medication's potential for abuse. One of a family of drug safety products on the Cantab Connect platform, CTIS-AL has been joined by three further products since its launch in June 2014, with additional drug efficacy products scheduled for launch through 2015.

Prescription drug misuse continues to be the fastest growing drug problem in the US1, costing the US economy more than $53 billion annually2. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA are directing pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials of human abuse liability (HAL) to evaluate drugs known to affect the central nervous system and assess their potential for abuse3.

A common issue in the running of HAL trials has been managing the volume of data generated due to the high number of assessments required. Furthermore the data is gathered over a short period of time and must be entered, reviewed and cleaned quickly before subjects can move on in the trial and data validation must be done in real time.

Until the introduction of Cantab Connect, patient assessments were typically conducted with time-consuming pen and paper questionnaires, which are prone to costly data errors. With touch-screen data entry, automatic scoring and cleaning combined with cloud-based storage, connectivity and real-time data access, Cantab Connect CTIS-AL accelerates the trial process by enabling multi-site studies to run efficiently and produces high quality, reproducible data leading to the rise in demand for the product.

Nick Kerton, Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Cognition, said: "The immediate impact of Cantab Connect CTIS-AL shows there is a clear market need for enhanced assessment products and reinforces our decision to focus on clinical trials that deal with Human Abuse Liability, drug characterisation and safety. We expect to build on this rapid market acceptance as we continue to extend our portfolio of Cantab Connect products for cognitive assessments in clinical trials."


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