Cancer center evaluates EDC solutions, picks Medidata Rave

After evaluating ten electronic data capture solutions for its internal clinical trials, City of Hope has made its pick: Medidata Rave. The NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center will use the EDC/clinical data management solution in Phase I and II cancer studies.

City of Hope informatics director Gabriel Peterson led the product evaluation as a step in upgrading the clinical research technologies of the center, which is also the central data coordinating center for the NCI's National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The center conducts as many as 300 clinical studies at once, including trials for its own investigational new drugs.

Peterson's evaluation criteria included usability, study implementation, data access, and promotion of studies to production, he says via email. A service-oriented architecture and integration with existing electronic systems were also on the list.

Among other evaluation criteria, he considered the stability of the competing vendor companies in addition to the professional services offered. Among them, training: Medidata helped City of Hope train eight team members on Rave in late 2009. The center began building its own studies in January 2010.

Peterson says that Rave will enhance the center's study execution via near real-time data capture and the improved data quality he expects from the solution's query management functionality.

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