Blue Chip probes social media use in recruitment

Subject-recruitment strategist Blue Chip is running an online survey to help it learn how to better use social media in trial recruitment. It joins a growing list of social-media aficionados in attempting to crack the ever-hardening nut of finding and keeping subjects. But it appears to be alone in beginning its efforts by questioning the masses.

"We are listening instead of telling" says Blue Chip CEO Stanton Kawer of the survey, which probes how recruiters might engage with prospective volunteers and how to make social media trial information relevant to them.

The survey is quick and direct. Prospective takers are persuaded with two incentives: a contribution on their behalf to the National Organization of Rare Diseases and entry into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Survey-takers are also promised a copy of the results.

The social-media/trial-recruitment connection is being plied from several angles industry-wide. The TrialX Twitter tool is one example. Users tweet a few health details and receive a link to the TrialX page containing matching trials. And big CRO Quintiles launched, a site that includes a directory of trials as well as information on trials to aid volunteer awareness.

- here's the survey
- see the Blue Chip release