BioXcel Initiates Rare Disease Project with Alexion Utilizing Big Data Innovation Lab

BRANFORD, Conn., Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BioXcel Corporation, a global leader in providing cloud-based pharma big data solutions for discovering novel products, announced today the initiation of a big data project with Alexion to characterize and prioritize pertinent sets of rare diseases for relevant therapeutic modalities. Alexion, a biopharmaceutical company focused on delivering life-transforming therapies to serve patients with severe and life threatening disorders, will utilize BioXcel's first-in-class Big Data Innovation Lab. This state of the art lab applies recursive mapping and big data algorithms by leveraging PharmGPS™ Orphan Disease Suite, Integrated Center of Xcellence housing multidisciplinary teams, and deep domain expertise for deciphering rare disease treatments.

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"We are pleased to work with Alexion and utilize our expertise and experience to support the development of novel treatment options for patients with rare diseases," said Vimal Mehta, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of BioXcel. "Our vision is to maximize the drug discovery capabilities of BioXcel's Big Data Innovation Lab for developing breakthrough treatments by partnering with leaders such as Alexion."

PharmGPS™ Orphan Disease Suite
BioXcel's proprietary Orphan Disease Suite encompasses more than 9,000 rare & ultra-rare diseases, 4,000 -5,000 associated genes, 1,500 disease pathways, and distinct target-indication tiles for antibody, protein, RNA, small molecule and gene therapy modalities. A live multi-dimensional platform enables partners to make informed decisions for a rare disease indication and the associated ideal mode of pharmacotherapy with parameters that include strategic, medical, scientific and commercial aspects. The suite enables the discovery, development, and commercialization of orphan drugs based on disease severity, gene ontology, disease pathways, proteinopathy, standard of care, emerging innovation, enabling technologies, and current drug pipeline - all of which are crucial when addressing the high unmet need of patients with rare and ultra rare diseases.

About BioXcel
BioXcel is a global leader in providing cloud-based Pharma big data solutions for discovering novel products and performance benchmarking for pipeline innovation and marketed products in all major therapeutic areas. Our first in class Big Data Innovation Lab is focused on the development of transformative patient treatments for strategic portfolio growth and leverages a live analytics platform - PharmGPS™, an Integrated Center of Xcellence housing multidisciplinary scientific, commercial and medical teams, and an expert council that offers deep domain expertise. Committed to innovation, product excellence and partner success, BioXcel's global collaborations span the biopharmaceutical ecosystem.  We are headquartered in Branford, CT, USA with operations in Asia.

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