Biotech places second in IT salary survey

Biotech places second in InformationWeek's salary survey among highest-paying industries for U.S. IT managers. The 2010 median compensation is $142,000 for managers, $100,000 for staff. The biotech industry swapped places with the investment baking industry, which rose to the top spot from second place in 2009.

Top job titles across all industries in terms of pay--and the only ones breaking the $100,000 barrier for median pay--are architect ($120,000), systems architect ($110,000), and project leader ($105,000). The software engineer title just misses the cut, at $99,000.

Washington, DC, is the top-pay location. It's the only one of 13 metro areas where researchers found a 2010 median IT pay increase: 1.8 percent for managers, 1.6 percent for staff.

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