Biomarker tool aids MS effort

Genedata has unveiled Expressionist 5.3, which emphasizes capabilities for transcriptomics-based biomarker discovery for drug profiling and patient selection. The company says that researchers studying the genetics of multiple sclerosis are currently using the new version to preprocess and analyze data, as well as for high-end classification and prediction.

In the company's portfolio of in-silico discovery tools, Expressionist complements siblings Phylosopher, for target discovery, and lead-discovery software Screener. Version 7.0 of Screener was unveiled last month, as reported earlier.

The current release of Expressionist includes expansion of its Refiner Array and Analyst modules to support the Affymetrix Whole-Transcript, Exon, and similar arrays. In addition, array type-specific layout information contributes to flexibility in the pre-processing of raw data, the company says. Data quality assessment functionality also has been improved in the revision, and access to biological information is said to be enhanced. A new reporting engine supports automated workflow for applications in personalized medicine.

According to Genedata, Sergio Baranzini of the University of California San Francisco, is part of a consortium studying the genetics of multiple sclerosis. Branzini credits the software's intuitive nature with "eliminating trial-and-error processes that usually can't be avoided when working with analytical software."

- here's the Expressionist announcement