BioClinica to launch IVR/IWR as part of e-clinical offerings

Watch for BioClinica to launch an integrated voice/web response solution in the second half of this year. CEO Mark Weinstein says in the company's first-quarter results announcement that he's "in the final stages of completing the Trident IVR/IWR," which the company describes as the "next-generation solution that the market is seeking."

Earlier this quarter, the company launched Optimizer, a clinical supply chain forecasting system that features simulation and optimization technology. It acquired CardioNow from Agfa HealthCare and relaunched it as the WebSend and WebView medical imaging solutions for managing electronic sharing, blinding, tracking, archiving and analysis.

However, its biggest news this quarter is the acquisition of TranSenda and its clinical trial management systems. Weinstein says the addition of TranSenda is an important part of the BioClinica Microsoft Office and SharePoint enabled e-clinical solutions strategy.

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