Bioclinica adds remote clinical trial technology to its cloud platform


Bioclinica has added Parallel 6’s remote clinical trial technology to its cloud platform. The agreement integrates mobile technology used by Roche ($RHHBY) and Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) to engage with trial participants into a cloud-based app platform run by Bioclinica.

Parallel 6’s Clinical Reach system combines the multiple pieces of technology that are needed to run trials virtually or with a reduced number of sites and less burdensome visit schedules. Digital trial enrollment, qualification and consent platforms give sponsors ways to get patients into studies without meeting them in person. And push notifications and surveys sent to smartphones and wearables provide ways to stay in touch with participants and collect data.

The mix of tools is reminiscent of those put in place by Pfizer ($PFE) and, more recently, Sanofi ($SNY) for their experiments with fully virtual, no-site clinical trials. Such studies are seen as a way to increase recruitment in clinical trials, both because they can reduce the burden of participation and make it easier for people who live far away from a trial site to enroll. Depending on the needs of the trial, both virtual and reduced site, reduced visit studies can be supported by the platform.

"This is an exciting development for sponsors and CROs seeking an increased pool of potential patients, as well as for patients wishing to take part in a clinical trial but deterred by the inconvenience and time commitment,” Bioclinica VP Anne Zielinski said in a statement. "Increasing opportunities for trial participation gives patients greater access to therapies not yet commercially available that may benefit them and ultimately others."

Roche’s Genentech and J&J's Janssen are among the companies to work with Parallel 6 to date. The company now has an opportunity to expand its reach through the collaboration. Bioclinica customers will have access to Clinical Reach through its eHealth App xChange, a platform the company set up to connect researchers to technologies from niche providers.

In the 10 months since Bioclinica unveiled the platform, health data sharing player Medelinked, electronic trial master file firm arivis and data transformation company Vitrana have joined the program.

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