Automated invention antiquates patent law

An anticoagulant drug candidate, the cross-bristle design of a toothbrush and the aerodynamic nosecone for a high-speed train are all products of automated invention processes, says Robert Plotkin, author of The Genie in the Machine. Plotkin says an invention revolution is underway and the transition from traditional manual inventing to computerized inventing has radical implications for patent law, driving the need for reform. Plotkin interview

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Five Translational Insights Key to a Successful First-in-Human (FIH) Study – Metabolite-Based Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Translational success rates from pre-clinical animal studies to human clinical trials remain frustratingly low. Learn how metabolomics helps you bridge between the theoretical & practical, between the function & actual activity of your drug molecule to get you closer to the phenotype, sooner.