Assay Depot Creates Preclinical Innovation Marketplace for AstraZeneca

Assay Depot Creates Preclinical Innovation Marketplace for AstraZeneca

Platform uses concierge service to access research innovation

March 18, 2015 02:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Assay Depot, Inc. today announced the launch of a preclinical research e-commerce platform developed in conjunction with AstraZeneca. Called the AstraZeneca Innovation Marketplace ("AIM"), the system allows researchers to access innovative preclinical services in just a few clicks. By simplifying and automating legal and administrative processes that previously took weeks or months, AIM helps shorten the research cycle and increases the pace of research.

"AIM simplifies the purchase of preclinical services from our external partners. It will make our researchers' lives simpler and give them fingertip access to essential research resources," said Dapo Ajayi, AstraZeneca's Chief Procurement Officer. "We have made the strategic decision that the AIM platform will be the primary route for AstraZeneca to do business with our preclinical research suppliers in the future," added Ajayi.

AIM has a unique research concierge (comprised of Assay Depot sourcing experts) that helps AstraZeneca select the most qualified suppliers and get price quotes and technical information. AIM is directly connected to AstraZeneca's purchasing system so an order can be placed as soon as the right supplier is identified.

"Private research marketplaces like AIM represent the next step in the evolution of pharmaceutical R&D," stated Kevin Lustig, Assay Depot's CEO. "AIM delivers a simple and streamlined way to improve access to scientific materials, increasing the speed of drug research. It standardizes legal and billing paperwork and simplifies the purchase of research services from the long tail of 10,000 global preclinical suppliers."

Transparency and access to innovation are cornerstones for success in any knowledge-based industry. Innovation marketplaces like AIM enable large pharmaceutical companies to maintain complete global transparency without sacrificing local control over most scientific sourcing decisions. The platform is not limited to large pharma; Assay Depot has also recently launched an external sourcing service for small pharma, biotechs and academic research institutes.

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