Arrhythmia Research buys RMDDx

Massachusetts-based Arrhythmia Research Technology has purchased medical device and IT provider RMDDx. ART makes signal-averaging electrocardiography software for detecting heart arrhythmias.

RMDDx integrates sensor, wireless, Internet, and telecom technologies in its current efforts to develop a monitoring platform for multiple clinical indications. The platform is intended for diagnostics and clinical trial support, as well as for patients who require continuous or episodic long-term care monitoring.

The Canadian company also is developing mobile cardiac telemetry diagnostic monitoring services for use across the U.S.

The acquisition puts ART in medical device and service sectors that complement both its heart arrhythmia-detection software and its component manufacturing arm, Micron Products. Micron makes conductive resin sensors used in disposable ECG and EEG electrodes.

- here's the ART release

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