App predicts drug interactions

The 2009 Edition of the DDI Predict software application targets risk assessment of drug-drug interactions, including those involving multiple enzymatic pathways. Recent DDIs have caused adverse events leading to removal of drugs from the market, says Paris-based Aureus Pharma.

The DDI app provides graphical reports of potential interactions between a drug candidate and a panel of marketed and withdrawn drugs. Predictions are supported by calculation of the change of the area under the concentration curve ratio based on the plasma concentration of the drug candidate in the presence or absence of enzyme inhibitors. Functionalities include prediction of fraction metabolized based on scaling factors, gut metabolism and others.

To calculate interactions, the system uses a library of 7,000 inhibition and 8,000 pharmacokinetic data points measured on 1,500 drugs in an ADME database. The database contains 25,000 compounds, 3,500 metabolites, and 365,000 biological data points analyzed from 11,000 articles and FDA documents, the company says.

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