Accelrys and Pfizer Extend Agreement for Global Deployment of Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management Software

Three-year contract offers Pfizer researchers access to software for accelerating drug development and advancing innovation

SAN DIEGO, May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Accelrys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCL), a leading provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, announced today that Pfizer, Inc. (NYSE: PFE) has signed a three-year contract with Accelrys, extending the companies' long-standing strategic partnership.  The agreement continues the global deployment of the Accelrys Enterprise Platform, Pipeline Pilot, Cheminformatics Suite and Modeling & Simulation software to Pfizer researchers worldwide.


The scientifically aware Accelrys Enterprise Platform offers access to broad scientific informatics solutions across different domains while simplifying integration into existing IT environments. The Pipeline Pilot scientific workflow authoring application enables scientific services that automate the process of accessing, analyzing and reporting scientific data for sharing across the scientific community. Leveraging the Accelrys Cheminformatics Suite, scientists can register, search, mine, analyze and report on chemical structures and reactions, chemically modified sequences and associated information such as inventory, assay and analytical results. Accelrys Modeling and Simulation software accelerates collaborative research and development of innovative health care treatments through the use of predictive science.

Accelrys President and Chief Executive Officer Max Carnecchia described the profound challenges that are requiring pharmaceutical companies to transform their businesses to remain competitive, saying, "From externalization to cost pressures to regulatory compliance, today's industry trends are making it more difficult for pharmaceutical organizations to deliver innovative products to market quickly and cost-effectively. As Pfizer well knows, overcoming these challenges demands both disease area and technology expertise. Accelrys' integrated technology solutions ― built with deep scientific understanding ― are helping valued customers like Pfizer grow their businesses to meet the demands of today and tomorrow."

About Accelrys, Inc.
Accelrys (NASDAQ:ACCL), a leading provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, supports industries and organizations that rely on scientific innovation to differentiate themselves. The industry-leading Accelrys Enterprise Platform provides a broad, flexible scientific solution optimized to integrate the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements across the research, development, process scale-up and early manufacturing phases of product development. By incorporating capabilities in applications for modeling and simulation, enterprise lab management, workflow and automation, and data management and informatics, Accelrys enables scientific innovators to access, organize, analyze and share data in unprecedented ways, ultimately enhancing innovation, improving productivity and compliance, reducing costs and speeding time from lab to market.

Accelrys solutions are used by more than 1,300 companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy, chemicals, aerospace, consumer packaged goods and industrial products industries. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Accelrys employs more than 200 full-time PhD scientists. For more information about Accelrys, visit

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