A free app to bypass Myriad's gene patents; How can gaming aid life sciences researchers?;

> Two federal judges have ruled in favor of Myriad Genetics in a gene patent case. Worried about having to pay Myriad to test for its patented cancer genes? Don't. There's an app for that. Forbes blog

> What do video games have to do with life sciences research? New on YouTube: Broad Institute's chief information officer, Martin Leach, makes a case for using elements of gaming in serious studies at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. Video

> Medidata Solutions ($MDSO) said that Scotland-based QCTR, a CRO that specializes in CNS clinical studies, plans to use Medidata's clinical trial management system for all of its clinical trials. Medidata release

> San Diego-based R&D software provider Accelrys ($ACCL) said that chemistry software outfit ACD/Labs, which has been part of its partnership program since 2005, has recently made its analytical component collection software available in Accelrys' Pipeline Pilot environment. Release

> Japan-based drug giant Takeda Pharmaceutical has expanded its license of Genedata's Expressionist software, which Takeda uses to manage and analyze mass spectrometry data. Item