1000 Genomes Project posts pilot data; Mayo Clinic, University of Illinois to collaborate on data security initiative;

> The 1000 Genomes Project, the world's largest study of genetic differences, has completed its pilot project and posted its data for easy access. The main stage of the program, which will sequence the genomes of 2,500 people from 27 ethnic groups, is now ready to get underway. Story

> The Mayor Clinic and the University of Illinois are joining forces to develop new data security technology for medical research. Report

> Gen-Probe has invested $50 million into Pacific Biosciences, helping to advance joint development projects on new technology. Story

> Monte Gibbs has joined Private Access, which counts clinical trial operators among its clientele, as its chief technology officer. Release

> MultiFactor Corp., which makes security software for cloud computing, raised $3 million in a new round. Report

> Kitware published a report on a new and quantitative method for measuring lung cancer risk. Release