Genomics? There could be an app for that

Individualized medicine based on genomics is about to hit the masses, Wired predicts, and that could mean storing genetics data on your smartphone in the not-so-distant future. The story cites a UnitedHealthcare 2012 report that estimates that major medical institutions such as Stanford, Vanderbilt, Mount Sinai and the Mayo Clinic are spending more and more on genetics tests. Big Pharma has also had its eye on genetics technology, and recently companies such as Roche ($RHHBY), Illumina ($ILMN) and Life Technologies ($LIFE) have bought up genomics companies. Genetics testing is currently used to find more effective treatments for rare genetic disorders and cancers. But as the technology becomes better and cheaper, it's likely to catch on among more hospitals and healthcare companies as a tool to lower the cost of care, as well as among patients in the form of mobile technology. Story