Editor's Corner

When I started editing FierceBiotech three years ago, I was struck by how many people in the industry were reading it. I was also struck by the fact that at fewer than 20,000 subscribers, we could do a lot better. Really, I thought, the newsletter should have at least 50,000 subscribers. Over the weekend, I got word that we had broken the 50,000 mark and our startup, FierceBioResearcher, was over 6,000. In fact, at the current pace of subscriber growth, we're now working toward a combined subscriber base of about 72,500 by the end of next year. Much of that growth will likely occur in Europe and Asia as we continue to broaden our horizons. And we're drawing a wider group of readers through our website, which now archives the daily report. I'd particularly like to thank Associate Editor Maureen Martino, who's been working very hard on building our web traffic while contributing to the daily report.

The most important aspect of the subscriber growth, though, is that I get more daily feedback from the industry while word-of-mouth continues to be a prime source of new subscriptions. I find the stream of e-mails essential to gaining better insight into what we should be covering. So keep the calls and messages coming. And don't forget to recommend us to your colleagues. - John Carroll