NYC startup Medikly caters to pharma interactions with docs

Medikly, a New York City software upstart, is one of a dozen new companies to graduate from the entrepreneurship program at Startup Health. And the startup appears as the lone outfit focused on software for pharma groups in an otherwise health IT-heavy class.

The company provides drugmakers with cloud-based software for digital communications with physicians and healthcare providers. According to its website, the company says its "Konnect" web platform enables "healthcare marketers and educators to quickly and securely deliver digital content and measure their impact on physician audiences across multiple channels."

Founded by entrepreneur Dr. Venkat Gullapalli, the startup has already begun working with top-10 pharma companies and healthcare marketing organizations, GigaOm reported. The company has emerged as drugmakers have become more creative in using various digital, web and social media platforms to reach physicians. And drugmakers have long used customer relationship management (CRM) software in sales groups calling on docs. 

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