Intel-GE joint venture teams with Xavier U. to test health tech

Xavier University

The health-focused joint venture set up by GE Healthcare ($GE) and Intel ($INTC) has teamed with Xavier University to create a permanent testing laboratory. Intel-GE Care Innovations will use the site to test remote patient monitoring and communication technologies.

GE and Intel are both primarily interested in such technologies from a healthcare perspective, but many of the tools are likely to be equally applicable to clinical trials. Having a permanent base from which to test such technologies will give Intel-GE Care Innovations the data with which to counter concerns about the tools' accuracy and reliability. And greater use of the technology would give physicians and researchers a way to monitor patients between site visits.

"The home is a critical component that is often overlooked in population health programs. Most clinicians rely on limited or inaccurate patient data that doesn't encompass the daily life of a patient," Intel-GE Care Innovations CEO Sean Slovenski said in a statement. Intel-GE Care Innovations hopes the testing laboratory and planned summits with alumni of Xavier University will lead to more people attempting to bridge the home-site gap using its technology.

Other initiatives with similar goals are already underway. In June, Intel-GE Care Innovations teamed with OSF Healthcare for a remote monitoring research project. OSF Healthcare's Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center began enrolling patients in the study in November.

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